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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Added another Ganoderma Affiliate Stream

This blog is all about Ganoderma and products related to coffee, so I will be adding other affiliate programs of a similar nature Ganoderma Coffee is another program that is centered around the Reishi Mushroom so it qualifies for this blog and the attention of my affiliates.

You can sign up here: Ganoderma Coffee - This Company will ship the products worldwide

Here are the FAQ's for affiliates - they are straight forward to read and answer most questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I make as an affiliate?
We will pay you a 20% commission for every sale you generate by sending people to GanodermaCoffee.com through your affiliate link. Plus, if you
introduce others to this program we will pay you a 10% commission on the sales
they make!

This is a 2 level program:

(1) You (20% of retail sale paid to you)

(2) People who join under you (10% of sale paid to you)

What is the Cost to Join as An Affiliate?
FREE! There is absolutely no cost to Join GanodermaCoffee.com as an Affiliate!

Can I make Medical Claims?
NO! If you make medical claims, your account will be terminated immediately, as the FDA gets very upset as a result of this. WE have to protect our affiliates!

How and When do I receive my commissions?
When you sign up to become an affiliate, you are asked if you would like to be paid via paypal or via a paper check. Whichever form of payment you choose will be the method that you receive your monthly commission check.

Payments for the previous months sales are paid on the 3rd of the following month...
Example: Sales in January are paid on the 3rd of February. No minimum sales are required.

Am I responsible for my own taxes?
We will issue an IRS W-9 Tax ID form to you, should you meet the standards for issuance. You are be responsible for paying your own taxes from the income we send you.
This is the rule of the IRS, not us. The form should be returned to us, not the IRS.
The IRS requires W-9 Forms to be on file when total reportable payments to any individual, sole proprietor, or
business equal or exceed $600 per year. If we have paid you this amount over the past year, and we have
requested this form to be filed, please Click Here.

Will I be provided any sales tools to promote my business?
We have banners (welcome to use your own), text ads, and text links. If you do make your own banners, text ads, or text ads please have us approve them first. No medical claims, etc. Remember, the FDA gets very much upset about ANY health claims. Sites making such claims will be removed from the program immediately.

Sorry... that's the rules here in the U.S. See our terms before you join.

Will I be able to track my commission in my backoffice?
Yes! When you sign up as an affiliate, we will assign you an affiliate id. You will also be provided with a username and password to log into your account. Once logged in to your account, we provide tracking of all of your affiliates, affiliates sales, and your sales at mo additional cost.

Does GanodermaCoffee.com have a wholesale program?
If you would like to purchase from your own link, you can do so and receive 20% off your order. This will allow you to purchase our products at a very competitive price for resale. Of course, when you do this you will be stocking the inventory.

Do I have to stock inventory as an affiliate?
NO! That is the beauty of this affiliate program. There is nothing to stock at all. We will maintain the inventory, shipping, and sales. All we ask you to do is to promote the program and earn commissions from sales generated from your affiliate links.

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