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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ba Humbug - its raining outside

My hands are cold but at least my home is tidy - okay I have a big pile of files to sort, they are mainly old bills and networks I belonged to over the years, I keep meaning to create an a-z spreadsheet with all my logins in one place - hasn't happened yet.

Picked up my ganoderma package today - I think I ordered gano tea, coffee and some promotional materials - I am thinking through options to promote.

I need a printer, not sure which one to get, I have a printer under my desk so I will probably have another go at getting that to work with my linux, if not I have an XP machine under my desk too - Ive got a few PCs under there actually, all old and all have something different broken on them, so nothing for the baliffs to be interested in just scraps.

I might have a go at getting a web cam working again, haven't done videos for a long time, I had some fun doing them in the past anywhoo... might not, we will see.

Friday, August 24, 2012

still here - had a break!

hello folks long time no speak, been busy thinking about life, the world and everything, still love my coffee - will have to catch up on the novelty coffee scene - see what gems are about!

Cafe Britt are still offering great deals on Coffee, you can check out their latest deal by clicking link below!

gourmet coffee ships for free when you order 6 bags or more! save with cafe britt today!.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Coffee Urn, for when you need Coffee BIG TIME!

Large Capacity Commercial Coffee Urn 25-55 Cup Every office needs at least one of these large-capacity coffeemakers for group meetings. Attractive enough for a corporate meeting handy for those family reunions this model by West Bend features a two-way dripless faucet and auto tempoerature control. Best of all the coffeemaker brews 25 to 55 cups quickly up to one cup per minute. Or it can be used to heat water for tea and instant drinks.

Pero - an instant coffee alternative to try!


Description The Perfect Break from Coffee 100 Servings per Container Pero Extra - dark roast captures the distinctive, rich flavor typical of French roast coffee in a naturally caffeine free instant beverage. Naturally Caffeine-Free Pero Extra has no stimulants, so it will not elevate heart rate or blood pressure, cause sleeplessness or create any adverse physical ailments typically associated with caffeine consumption. Suggested Use Place one heaping teaspoon into a cup, add very hot (not boiling) water or warm milk, sweeten if desired, and stir. Or enjoy it frosty cold, over ice!