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Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi gano friends

I will be adding some more basic lessons soon, I've tried contacting gano exel twice and still no reply, so I'll try e-mailing the USA version to see if the UK version is still there...

...but for now the main suppliers are still GandBrand (for USA) and Ganoderma Coffee (for worldwide delivery) as they both have a customer service department that replies within 48 hours to a potential customer. I'll keep you updated, as it is starting to bug me now that there isn't a reliable distributor/supplier of ganoderma products in UK.

Apart from that glitch, things are fine, as I said, once I can buy the product, I will start turning the wheels, I will set up a prelaunch page once my first pack is in the post!

In the meantime, here's some coffee beans to look at!

coffee beans

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  1. ganoderma coffee is the best. I have been having lingzhi for 8 years now.. the product is simply amazing