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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coffee links for coffee people

  • CoffeeGeek - Offers reviews of coffee appliances, news, and articles.

  • 2001: A Coffee Odyssey - A coffee weblog with in-depth perspective on roasting, blending, brewing and tasting specialty coffees.
  • About Coffee and Tea - Weekly articles, recipes, collection of links and a newsletter.
  • Alex's Espresso Coffee Bar Business - Information about how to open and operate a coffee bar, -cart, -kiosk or drive-thru coffee.
  • Badgett's Coffee eJournal - Online newsletter with frequent articles about coffee selection, roasting, and health issues.
  • Café Magazine - A magazine dedicated to cafe culture and history.
  • Café na Teia - History of coffee, with an emphasis on coffee in Brazil, and an informative glossary of coffee terms.
  • Cafes del Peru - Sustainable coffee from the Peru. Direct relationship business model positively impacts farmers lives and the environment of the high Amazon Basin.
  • CocoaJava - Place for information on chocolate and coffee. Recipes, links, articles, forum discussions, reviews, news and trivia.
  • Coffee - An enthuisast provides detailed brewing information. Also contains some pictures and links.
  • Coffee and Caffeine - Offers answers to frequently asked questions about coffee and caffeine.
  • Coffee and Caffeine Blog - News and links about coffee, caffeine, and coffee shops, with an emphasis on health.
  • Coffee and Film - Enthuisast provides details about roasting beans in a popcorn popper, along with reviews of various beans and Austin, Texas area coffee houses.
  • The Coffee Break - A public radio report on the origins of the coffee break tells the history of the beverage in rich detail.
  • Coffee Crew.com - Volunteer effort to inform people about coffee in all form and how to prepare.
  • The Coffee - Detailed and carefully organized s about coffee and coffee brewing.
  • Coffee Forums - Offers discussion boards for enthusiasts to talk about topics such as beans, espresso, machines, and cafes.
  • Coffee House Australia - Features brief articles on history and varieties, along with recipes and a list of links.
  • Coffee Is Good - Contains reviews of beans, equipment, and accessories. Also offers tips, recipes, and brewing instructions.
  • Coffee Kid - Amateur coffee fanaticism. s, reviews, information about vacuum brewing, espresso and hard to find information.
  • Coffee Kids - International non-profit organization established to improve the quality of life for children and families who live in coffee-growing communities around the world.
  • Coffee Nuts - Offering brewing tips, recipes, and a coffee forum.
  • Coffee Nutz - Information about coffee.
  • The Coffee Place - Collection of pages focusing on several basic themes including coffee, travel and humor, as well as other features.
  • Coffee Research - Advanced research on coffee preparation, markets, and social issues related to coffee.
  • The Coffee Review - Coffee and coffee-related reviews done by Kenneth Davids and others.
  • Coffee Science Information Centre - Answers to questions about the effects of coffee on health.
  • Coffee Science Source - Presents information on coffee, caffeine and health, reviewed by medical experts, from science journals and industry reports for journalists, health care professionals and coffee consumers
  • Coffee: Spilling the Beans - The story of coffee, from the bean to the cup, told through the eyes of a Peruvian coffee farmer.
  • coffeeDogs - coffeeDogs is a collection of coffee-related commentary and links. coffeeDogs is the successor to several earlier coffee sites.
  • The Domestic Barista - All the advice you need, the hows and whys of creating cup of coffee. Plus advice on doing it all without breaking the bank.
  • e-Barista.com - Java source, with coffee recipes, products and accessories.
  • Geography of Coffee - Geography professor describes field-based course about coffee cultivation and trade.
  • HealthCentral - Caffeine - Information about your health and the effects of caffeine.
  • How a drip coffee maker works - Photographed narrative of a drip coffee maker being disassembled, with repair tips included.
  • How to Brew Coffee - Non-commercial site teaching the art of brewing coffee.
  • How to Make a Good Coffee. - Where you can see the important steps to make a good coffee with an Italian moka.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Coffee Works - Photographic tour looks at coffee's origins and how it spread, where it is grown, harvested, and processed, and what roasting is all about.
  • HV's Pages - Includes information about vacuum pots, reviews, links, and an account of the Amsterdam Tea and Coffee World Cup 2001.
  • INeedCoffee.com - Coffee information featuring articles on roasting, brewing, history, business, and recipes.
  • Just About Coffee - Variety of articles about coffee, including history, sources, health, and guidance for growing one's own coffee trees.
  • Koffee Korner - Plenty of coffee related information.
  • La Cittadella Italian Coffee - Introduction and the history of the company. Plenty of useful information about the history and production of coffee and the preparation of the drink.
  • La Torcaza Estate - Information on coffee from planting to brewing
  • Lucidcafé Interactive Café and Information Resource - Interactive café and information resource.
  • National Geography Society - Coffee - The history of coffee, descriptions of different varieties, map of coffee-producing countries and a discussion forum.
  • Positively Coffee - Background information and summaries on a number of important topics concerning coffee and health.
  • Songbird Foundation - Organization dedicated to the preservation of shade grown coffee as a natural habitat for songbirds in Central America.
  • Strange Brew - History of the Luwak coffee.
  • Surf City Coffee College - Information and resources including sections on coffee basics, tasting, brewing techniques, roasting, history, and hints.
  • Tent's Coffee Page - Brief description of coffee and beans.
  • Too Much Coffee - A resource specifically for European enthusiasts with tasting notes, articles and discussions on roasting, hardware and preparation.
  • Ultimate Coffees Information - Articles about coffee, related health issues, the history of coffees, and equipment.
  • vacpots - Dedicated to vacuum pots in their many forms.
  • We Got Coffee - A resource for anything and everything that has to do with coffee and caffeine. Includes an endless list of ways to incorporate coffee and caffeine into every aspect of your life.
  • Wild Forest Coffee - Los Nogales Ecological Mill & Estate Farms - Sustainable, shade-grown coffee operations and related social and rain-forest projects are described in detail, with many photographs.

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