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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi all! coffee update

I've been busy doing thinking and planning and stuff so haven't updated for a bit. I got side tracked by creating a Zlio shop, but apart from tweeking it for the search engines I just need to add it to my collection of coffee related stuff - and continue focusing on the main subject of this blog - Healthy Coffee!

Coffee Venues

I am still visiting the fledgling venues and I am also creating back up / replacements to keep things flowing, as you might see, people are slowly drifting in some, people will also slowly gather at other places - the venues I am focusing on are the places - in some cases -where you can add your products - for example - if you belong to Hi5, Multiply or Plaxo - you may as well join the 'local' coffee venue I have created on them - takes a couple minutes to add your intro and link, invite people to your website or tell them why you like a certain brand of coffee - if you are selling coffee - exposure and gathering is important for personal branding, as each of us can be an expert and offer advice from experience of using the products concerned.

Drink Up...

- If you haven't tried ganoderma coffee yet get some already! - if you don't like coffee yourself, buy some for a friend or relative that does like coffee - someone that will give you feedback. Some people might not like the idea of extra things added to their coffee - so personally I'd opt for the black coffee option people can add their own choice of milk/whiter, sugar etc.

Poisoning your parents!

BTW- I forgot to mention (or didn't make it clear enough) to one person there was ganoderma in it - she thought is was just some kind of powered coffee and loved it - when at a later date I mentioned the gano - she freaked -

" waddya mean there was extra stuff in it ?!"

"don't panic, it's just herbal coffee, I thought you read the packet!" I replied

- lesson here is don't forget to mention the herbal element or your family (if like mine) with think you were putting arsenic in their drink! - some people aren't used to the concept of herbs in coffee and I guess there is always the chance a person might have an allergy to mushrooms or ginseng.

Price objections - well you don't have that problem with ganobrand and you live in the States - but there are people in Gano Excel and the Healthy Coffee Company etc. that the wholesale price and shipping is steep - especially for me here in the UK. In this case it is worth remembering the gourmet qualities - the fact you import it - it is still a specialty coffee - so it commands a higher price - YOU are going to the extra lengths needs to get this coffee for your customer - so they should pay you for the trouble you go to, to get it.

- in other words if you are like me and having to pay a small fortune for the stuff - the mark-up price is going to be pretty lousy if you are direct selling it only - BUT - if you are a distributor after than an affiliate - you have to mark up regardless and justify your price in order to make a profit - you have to make a profit to be in business, you can't play the 'loss leader' game and beat people on price with this coffee just yet.

The only way you can get the product at a variety of prices is to join a mixture of affiliate and mlm - the affiliate program provides cheaply priced coffee, which you could sell individually for example - so that people can try it as a sample - The engeri coffee I tried for example - didn't taste like it came from a supermarket - it has a different flavor - taste - it is that different taste you are really selling. The MLM provides the risk factor/path of progression on a business plan - if you want to work your way to much bigger profits - at the lower end - everything is fair game to try out - but if you want to make your path in one company and go for bigger bonuses - eventually you will be expected to choose one brand and become totally loyal to just it.

Other stuff

Okay, so I've being setting up my Zlio Store and adding a few articles, I might put together some more pdf's soon - you could put together your own - if you are making use of openoffice.org their free office suite has a web editor - you simply copy and paste an article (an article you have permission to use or PLR from a reputable marketer) had you save it as a pdf - done - an ebook.

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