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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ba Humbug - its raining outside

My hands are cold but at least my home is tidy - okay I have a big pile of files to sort, they are mainly old bills and networks I belonged to over the years, I keep meaning to create an a-z spreadsheet with all my logins in one place - hasn't happened yet.

Picked up my ganoderma package today - I think I ordered gano tea, coffee and some promotional materials - I am thinking through options to promote.

I need a printer, not sure which one to get, I have a printer under my desk so I will probably have another go at getting that to work with my linux, if not I have an XP machine under my desk too - Ive got a few PCs under there actually, all old and all have something different broken on them, so nothing for the baliffs to be interested in just scraps.

I might have a go at getting a web cam working again, haven't done videos for a long time, I had some fun doing them in the past anywhoo... might not, we will see.

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