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Monday, June 22, 2009

downline club nearly done

Okay so I'm nearly happy with the 'barebones' of the downline club, I wanted to get that set up to get some of the programs I use in one place. It's the first php script that seems to work for me, so will probably set up some more recuitment tools, maybe an auction site or a paypal store.

As you can see from my video's I'm not planing on winning an oscar, the idea was to get a plan of action - into action. The next thing to do with the club is to get the recruiment page splashes into a rotor then into a traffic exchange, that way I will be giving free traffic for anyone who becomes a member of the downline club.

The downline club is hosted on my own domain, and is copyrighted by the script owners and myself .

But the idea of it is a tool for affilites - if they want it. I will go into further explainations and updates regarding that club over at http://incomeclubpro.com

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