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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hi folks update and a bit about eBay

Just popping in with a cyber wave, I m busy tweeking my websites at the moment and doing some videos for the downline club, once I've designed some banners for I will be intigrating the downline club into this blog to, this blog is informal (incase you didn't guess :P) where at the blog over at http://incomeclubpro.com might develop into a more a more business / press release type one, the downline club has yet to be attached to that blog.

Once I have these recruitment sites set up I will focus more again on products a person can protentially dropship / sell on auctions - in the UK I notice there seems to be some kind of ban on selling foodstuffs like Coffee as I notice on the USA websites places like Amazon and eBay have people that directly sell the product, where as the UK eBay and Amazon don't - so one of my missions is to find out what this rule is :


- to a trip into the eBay community forums should give me a rough idea as there are often frustrated sellers quote various laws and complaing and the injustice of not being able to sell "blah blah" product because of "blah blah" rule - so it's a useful place to get info as a starting point - as where there is an injustice you usually get a "freedom fighter" that provides links to the government sites and alternate ways to sell the said product.

I've noticed eBay has been given lot of bad press on-line lately, becuse people are going to facebook and playing with virtual freebies rather than getting the novelty of a bargain at eBay - but I think for many people that sell items - eBay is probably the one plce many people actually manage to make sales - so don't listen to all the 'doom merchants' to much - as while it is true that eBay isn't the novelty it once was (and they charge joe averages way too much in my opinion!) it is still the closest thing you get to a market stall on-line where you can directly sell and know that if you pitch well enough - somebody will buy

- I'm in the process of gathering together a bundle of ebay ebooks to read through and get the best tips from - as I haven't sold there is a few years now, but I know a bunch of people that do make their living via eBay selling - and I haven't forgotten that!

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