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Thursday, June 11, 2009

lil update

Hi folks, I've received my first pouch of Energi coffee, but have yet to try it out as I plan to do a video of the first cup of each brand I try, but due to dental work I might not be able to taste much for the next couple weeks. So I'm just exploring ideas/places, and looking at other people's coffee websites. I should be getting my DXN distributor license soon, so I'll have a neat range of ganoderma products to share - I like the look of their lipsticks too :-)

I've got my printer up and running so I will be working on a local blog that will introduce this site (www.ilovegano.info) and CoffeeDrinker.org via postcards in shop windows and maybe a leaflet/flyer campaign - Ganobrand have got it right in the fact that business cards come in handy - my cards - well I might use vistaprint again, but window adds will do for starters

I am also still researching different membership site software as I want my favorite programs all in one place - a downline builder is one option - but a cheaper option is to create an ebook - so watch this space - as like I said I'm determined to crack this coffee niche - so if you haven't joined up to the programs I recommend yet, you'll get another chance to do so through the ebook I will design in a mo.

Later, Zara

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