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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Questions and Answers Section

Hi this is a new Q & A section to the blog, feel free to leave a question or query in the comments and I will answer when I can.

Q - Who are you ? A - I am Zara an Internet Marketer based in the UK.

Q - What do you do ? A - I sell Coffee related items on-line, I have a particular interest in ganoderma coffee.

Q - Why are you doing it ? A - I personally like Coffee so thought I'd see if I could sell it, I've been interested in Internet marketing for 8 years, and decided to focus on the coffee niche to make use of everything I have learned so far.

Q - How are you selling it ? A - I am in the process of setting up Coffee Venues which are attached to revenue share business models such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, estores, blogs and auction sites. This is combined with social networking and personal branding to create more awareness of the products and services available to coffee consumers.

Q - Where can you be contacted if I with to make a coffee purchase or join the affiliate programs you recommend ? A - If you wish to contact me regarding a purchase or coffee affiliate details I can be contacted for UK information @allthingscoffee or @coffee2u on Twitter ( note: @coffee2u is now my USA coffee information channel)I can also be contacted here: http://www.allthingscoffee.co.uk/about

Q - When is your next live broadcast/webinar/video blog/newsletter due out ? A - At the moment I don't have set dates for any of the above but you can generally expect a video and or newletter once or twice a week and my blog updates are delivered via feedburner once daily, providing I post that day. People can optin to extra e-mail courses as they wish.

Q - Who runs this ilovegano website ?

A - It is run/edited by Zara Lockwood

Q - What has the healthy coffee downline builder to do with this ilovegano blog ?

A - The downline builder is just a free tool for people that combines 3 healthy coffee programs I recommend on ilovegano 'under one roof' in a system/club - Blog visitors interested in building a team can use the tool to build a social network of interested parties by using the twitter and facebook connections.

I provide a splash page for people to put in traffic exchanges that contains their own affiliate links, also by signing up and providing a mailing address it also means I can contact, then send out any freebies/samples/vouchers offered/ given by coffee companies looking for potential distributors or "coffee cuppers" to try if they like.

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