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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Morning coffee friends

Hi just an update while enjoying a cup of Energi ganoderma coffee :-)

So at the moment I have done another quick video reviewing a cup of coffee - I will have to do some reading on actual "coffee cupping" so I can use some more descriptive words than - "it's nice" - but at the moment action speaks louder than words so by regular video blogging and chatting about coffee I will build up another type of traffic - leading back either to here or over at income club pro where I'm housing my 'suite' of coffee tools.

I've just configured - but have yet to customize a coffee items review site - this will give my opinion (and yours if you do a video blog) of various coffee and related products I try out - youtube videos are preferred as they act as a free source of testimonials and can be made fun, serious or anyway you like too.

Our Coffee Review Site - send me a link to your coffee review on youtube and I'll add it here for free

The site is here ==> http://incomeclubpro.com/reviews I have yet to make it look coffee like!

I used a generic script and modified the categories for only coffee related items. (if you want your own copy the review script it'll cost you $7.00 USD (I'm not allowed to give it away!) you will have to install it yourself or I'll install it for you for $10.00 USD - note with this script I can only install it for admin to do reviews, i.e a basic install, if you want it configured any other way you'll have to hire a professional webmaster - I can give you advice on how to change catagories etc, no probs.

3 cash machine Still Broken ?

An update on Healthy Coffee Downline Builder - for the time being I've removed Dan weaver's 3 cash machine as, from e-mails he says his site was falsely flagged as an "attack site" - members can't log in - but until it is fixed I've changed 3CM to GDI - Global Domains International - I'll keep you updated as I get more information from Dan.

So if you have an account over at my Healthy Coffee Downline Club you will need to log in and update your affiliate code for that program to your GDI affiliate link (if you have one.)

I'll be setting up a script for a shop today, I also have a rotator script - that may be another free tool for coffee affiliates.

So Remember: - if you do a coffee review on youtube let me know about it (you can send me a link to your coffee review via @coffee2u on twitter) and I'll add your review to the review site, with your affiliate link in for free, the review site will go in the rotator and it will be the page rotator that goes into all the traffic exchanges.

Lastly a tip about twitter - remember that if you use twitter and syndicate out the RSS content to other websites and widgets - i.e like Ning, facebook etc. add the http:// to the web urls you tweet - as this makes them more likely to be active on your profiles on other websites other than twitter- as I've noticed that if I don't add the http:// and just start www. that the hyperlinks sometimes read as text only - i.e they aren't active links, people are unlikely (from my own experience) to take the time to copy and paste an unclickable link from a status update into their browser - people need it to be as easy as possible to get to your website, so rather than make them "jump through hoops" adding the http:// could increase your visitors.

Example Coffee Review - again notice I'm not pretending to be an expert (just yet!) but I'm getting used to talking / video blogging - while sipping away at various cups of coffee each time.

I'm trying out all the varieties of packet coffee first in the supermarket, ganoderma coffees with feature too - but I'm focusing on bringing together 'mainstream' coffee drinking with specialty coffee drinking - ganoderma coffee as I said, to me is just like another flavor coffee - focusing on this angle will steal the product away from the quackery bunch that make claims that are actually false - i.e the claims that it can cure cancer falls into that realm - so please don't get caught in that trap - it's one of the reasons I pulled the google alerts as the stories I was getting rebroadcast to my twitter account were largely, what we call here in the UK - BULLSHIT! hence my changeover to social median feeds from coffee bloggers instead - so are better quality - instant/sachet coffee is handy for single people or for at work - these benefits are much better than "miracles". Ganoderma is a "fungus" but like mushrooms is a vegetable, vegetables are wholesome and good for you like cornflakes! he he, I know! - but thinking of different perspectives / ways ganoderma can be seen in the minds eye - is good for marketing ideas - but don't quote me on the cornflake thing :P

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