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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plaxo = 1 way to organise all your social networking contacts

If you are anything like me you might be well on the way to having a wide network, some are known across networks, some are long time cyber friends, some are people that you know offer a great service or they are influential in their field of expertise.

Eventually, to get any benefit from your network of contacts you are going to have to organize them I've decided to try out Plaxo again, as they have made a number of improvements, including streams, google maps and other bits and bobs since I last looked at it properly.

For example I am currently in the process of sorting through all my connections on mybloglog and Ning, checking what they do - how they can be useful to my business or maybe who I'd not mind meeting for a business chat to learn more about what they do, possible JV's etc.

most of this needs to be done manually - the benefit of that is if they are already on Plaxo a mini resume/mini profile comes up with a map - in short is a way to get to know who you are connected with as individuals - and real social networking / business networking is about getting to know what people do, to build up a mental rolodex of who can help who - and who can help you / who you can help etc.

One bonus is you can also sync your plaxo account with your facebook account - so any friends already using Plaxo will show up as people you can connect with.

Using plaxo is a way to get to know people rather than the mass broadcasts which are largely ineffective on most networks (apart from twitter) as people switch of their e-mails/get fed up with it - example I have over 5000 e-mails in my Ning account, I will plow through them eventually but most are send by people that prevent return e-mails - if you are going to broadcast - it has to be a two way willingness to connect in my opinion or it becomes spam.

Anyway for people that want to connect you are more than welcome :-)

Plaxo is free - there is a premium version but for now the freebie is helping me enough to get a better sense of who is out there and what they do.

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