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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Which image to put on my coffee ?

I'm having a go at a private label coffee - I have two images and I can't decide which to use - this is just a first draft but what do you think ? - the title "weston-super-mocha" - is a pun on the name of the town - Weston-super-Mare / and the "brown colored" sea (mud deposits from the nearby Bristol channel)

The lady with the parasol - is looking at things from a Victorian/Edwardian angle when towns like Weston were built for the rich to bath in the mud, retreat from the cities.

The coffee cup is a direct connection mocha = coffee.


  1. I think second one is good to see and it is suitable for it too.

  2. I find the first one with the lady much better. I'd go with that one personally.

  3. Hi thanks for the feedback - I have an updated design now that I will add soon