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Saturday, September 26, 2009

coffee delays and venue changes

Sooo, what am I doing after two days in bed crying my heart out and feeling a Fail Fail Fail ?

Well I'm out of bed again, and I'm not going to ditch my coffee plans so quick, I haven't chucked my PC out the window in exchange for a TV either - if you know me, you'll know I am emotive and don't like critics.

My first order of local brand coffee is still in the post, I haven't uploaded my coffee stock to Zara's Venues yet as I'm wondering now if to forget the whole UK niche and focus on the USA sales - I could give away my own brand coffee to a local charity or something and focus on the States instead - if the American's don't want me then I might have to look at setting up a coffee stand on the moon instead.

- it's a big world USA does have more competition but they also don't kick a person when they are down - well not quite in quite the same way - imagine if Lauren Luke had been told she looked like a moose by the BBC rather than them supporting her ? - she might never have had the courage to get her make-up range started in New York - I hope she got credit for her brief appearance on YBC! I understand that she got a bit of a social dressing down from a model agency when she was there - I will have to watch that video again to see how she dealt with it.

I've no immediate plans to change my appearance, so if my feather duster and spare room look offends you, best leave now as it ain't changing.

I still like healthycoffee - as it makes me feel better (not look better!) - if you are a healthy coffee drinker - how does it make you feel ? - I shall be looking for videos on youtube to add to coffee venues so if you have a youtube video connected with coffee let me know add I will add it to the venues.

Note I watch a video somewhere else that said it is good to chop and change your strategies - changing venues is a part of that so I might be updating my TOP 28 to reflect my fav. networks

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