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Friday, October 2, 2009

Hi Gano Buddies, an update stock etc

I've sorted out the problem that occurred as seen in the previous blogs - you have just got a glimpse of an old problem in the marketing industry, that rears it's ugly head newbie or old timer.

Time to move forward now - blinkers on the horse as it has a place to go, no use getting distracted by things either side of the road.

Okay so what am I doing. I've rewritten my profile at the place concerned so it should be clear that permission to use my profile/photo is required before use. Just like the license I give you on blogs that you may reuse.

I've got my local brand coffee - I am still undecided if to give the lot away to a local charity I know that might want it or if to sell it on ebay - I might do a mixture of both - it depends on if they are allowed to accept gifts from strangers - or if this as a gift would be of any use in their fund-raising ?, I'll give them a ring and see how their current efforts are going as if the charity is to close down I might be better off with the eBay plan - maybe 50/50, it would be nice to at least make my money back.

DXN - I soooo wish they had an on-line shopping cart system. My Upline owns an off-line coffee shop so he stocks a certain amount of the product I want to resell - so umming and arring on that still.

Energi Coffee - this is my other favorite in terms of taste - these people are really starting to market their products well off-line in coffee shops - so I am tempted to upgrade to a gold membership on this product line.

More Private Label
back to private label coffee, I am looking at getting some more samples from other wholesalers so I can compare products.

My business cards are on their way, they are mainly to pop in any ebay items I ship out, ebay haven't banned this yet as far as I am aware - if they have I will just have to order packaging with my twitter address all over it instead! (unless they plan of banning packaging too!)

So usual administration hiccups to getting this thing on the road - another good reason some might say to stick to Affiliate products instead - no people, no sticky tape, no red tape... well you still have to find the customers either way, and the top in the game in the States all recommend getting a potential customer on your own list BEFORE you hand them to the affiliate link - so I'm following that advice.

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