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Thursday, January 7, 2010

hello Coffee people , art and big fat pigs anyone ?

Hi all I haven't forgotten you I am "doing stuff" - that could be considered optimizing - it's all related to my niche - my niche of coffee has turned into more of a theme of coffee - maybe that is a good sign as you have to let go mentally of an idea, set it afloat on the sea of thought and look at it from a distance sometimes - is it floating like a boat or sinking like a submarine etc.

So what I've been up to - I've got my 'central location' blog over on posterous Kafe Im Limon - coffee with lemon I think that means - with that blog it is a mixture of Coffee "kafe" and "Limon" - as in lemon - and lemon or lemonknickers or healthy lemon was my previous object of focus - that lead to webmaster tools and a dried lemon on youtube - all sounds too weird ? - no idea what I'm talking about ? maybe one persons information overload is anothers inspiration who knows...

What I do know is that this is a year to be creative and to get healthier - well for me personally - what are your aims for 2010 ?

I'm painting some pictures I might sell - coffee related - naturally - I wrote out an updated blue print just before new years day, the previous one was good but too complicated - so simplification of plans - is something to think about.

I upgraded to blackstar on ecademy - as part of my new plan is following my focus to engaging more in social networks rather than worrying about google ranking and traditional advertising, I've also switched off all right or left wing propoganda where ever possible (radio,tv,news papers - I don't need to hear every 5 minutes how the poor are starving because of the west's greed (leftwing) or how all drug addicts should be shot to save the tax payer money(rightwing) both attitudes are negative and put me off trying to earn money to shut them both up - or escape from them or whatever.

So the solution this year is to ignore people that try and make me feel guilty for wanting to earn cash the way I want to earn it - if I can block out their irritating voices for long enough I might be able to give them both what they want - the lefties want charity and tax to feed the society the righties want tax and ? er more tax ? - no idea want they want - a big fat pig maybe ? - if I don't lose weight they might get that too :P

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