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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Coffee Quotes Widget

This widget looks for quotes tagged with Coffee and Cafe - if you go to their website you can customize a widget (it's in Javascript)with whatever keywords you want - they have a selection of niches to choose from.

Quotes by QuotesDaddy.com

non javascript - google version
If you want to convert the javascript app into a google app - I found a "free google app maker" - that seems to do the trick okay (with another thing I converted) - scroll down to the bottom of my brandnewbusiness website - and the is a maker there - I know nothing about making apps - so you will have to figure it out for yourself, I managed to convert something using this tool - I will try it again in a minute and tell you what I did - it's handy if you have a googlesite as google sites don't support javascript, but they support frames okay.

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