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Friday, April 17, 2009

Introduction to the blog and terms

I have decided that I might use this blog as an example of an income stream, a way to teach affiliates the process of building a network around one product, it might come in handy for people in Network Marketing too. I was going to use the honey bee blog to demonstrate this, but decided it might be a bit to abstract for some, so I might leave that idea for the time being and focus on a products and tools that can be used to promote it across the web.

So, so far this blog is a simple, uncluttered freebie blog and I shall add items and describe what I am adding as I go, in between that I shall be adding links to coffee and related items to spark ideas to add to a store, once I am happy with the steps I will add them to the link section on the left for quick reference.

I Zara Lockwood am giving you a PLR license to use, give away or sell the text in this blog for your own use or to teach your Affiliates - The USA license is a Global one and I expect anyone using this blogs content to display a link this blog on the permanent front page of their blog or website or eBook (etc.)

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