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Thursday, April 16, 2009

First steps for my Affiliates

Note these steps may change or be added to, these are some things that can be done by my affiliates to begin with:

Step 1.

Make sure you have signed up with me, Zara Lockwood, with either 1 or all of the sites I recommend for my team - I have a vested interest in helping YOU earn, as it means I earn too!

The 3 Healthy Coffee programs I recommend can be signed up to via The Healthy Coffee Downline Builder I created for visitor to this blog

- or the programs can be accessed via the these sites individually:

Note: So Far GanoBrand is my top recommendation to join in order to sell Healthy Coffee in USA and Puerto Rico - as it's free to sign up, the coffee is at a great price, and the Affiliate Program has a complete range of tools to use in promotion and it has a simple commission structure of 20% on first level and 10% on second level.

Ganobrand Affiliation

'GanodermaCoffee' are also using an Affiliate program and they deliver Worldwide - which is handy for people like myself in the UK.

GanoDerma Coffee


MLM/Network Marketing Healthy Coffee Programs to look at:


Note: I personally drink this Energi Black coffee and it tastes much better than I was expecting from an instant coffee, it's quite strong so I drink it in a mug, with loads of milk and 1 sugar. It's moreish so watch out !- you might end up liking the taste more than your regular supermarket coffee :-)

I am now also a DXN distributor so if you wish to sign up in my team contact me for details. Note: DXN is a large supplier of ganoderma based products, a lot like Gano Excel ( I am thinking of joining GE too btw- so I can get the widest range of ganoderma products possible for customers worldwide)

Step 2.

Join My I Love Gano Club on Ning at "ICP Ning Nomads" here:


Step 3.

Join up to the I love Gano Feedburner e-mail subscription for this blog as it will provide content updates and suggestions connected with coffee and other items in the ganobrand range.

Step 4.

To get the Extra Info and tools to help you promote - join my Private coffee club on Facebook

5. TBA

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