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Friday, May 29, 2009

Hi Coffee people, updates

Just an Update, as I say I have the Retail website nearly set up, a simple store with affiliate links to some products, the main point of it is a place to focus, where the only things for sale are coffee products. The coffee products are put on the blog and can be linked to on the menu page. Blog entries can be shared via RSS all over the web and to people's inboxes. www.coffeedrinker.org

Other news:

I've not heard back from the DXN distributor, so I have put that on a back burner for now, I've ordered some coffee via the back office of Healthy Coffee - their range of gano coffees look interesting - so I am keeping a 'paw' in that business opportunity to see how it develops.

The price to UK (from USA) was abt. £10.00 for a pack of coffee (abt. $17.00) plus £14.00 delivery (in USA delivery of coffee is nearer the $5.00 USD mark I think due to it's location - so in USA you get a good idea on shipping!)

The only other fee involved to start as a distributor is the back office fees at $9.99 per 3 months or $29.99 per year) I opted for the $9.99 quarterly charge for now. You get a month or two free back office to get to know where everything is/how to order etc.

I've decide to try the distributor routes into this MLM - working my way up the ladder from Distributor to see how everything works.

I imagine my coffee will take about 14 days to arrive - so I will create a CD for new potential affiliates - once I've tried the coffee and got some video of me drinking it, I'll add it to youtube and my site as a review, if you opt for an MLM for Healthy Coffee or GanoBrand (or all of them like I am) I recommend doing a video if you like the taste of it - then other affiliates can use it as a testimonial / recommendation on their sites too - pooling testimonals like this means each affiliate/distributor could have a selction of new testimonials on tap - you could have one from each of your upline/downline or pick from others if you don't have any.

You could do this with any brand or product.

I will still order some ganocafe soon either via GanodermaCoffee or Gano Excel (which I am still thinking about joining)

But the first lot should be Healthy Coffee 's Energi Black. I will chase up that DXN application but might end up applying via someone else once I have a refund sorted out.

The UK GanoCenter definately looks like it has gone, which is a shame as they offered 48 hour delivery.

I will be on the look out for a supplier that can do that in UK.

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