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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hi Guys and Gals eBay and DXN updates

I decided to try out a free autoresponder for the moment as I am still deciding between the two essential items to invest my time in next, I'm a bit strapped for cash so I am thinking that to get cash flow going within the next month eBay is my baby!

Talking of eBay I've been looking at coffee items there and as I may have said I am thinking of opening a coffee club and/ or finding a way I can give away free coffee - this freebie - is of course a promotional freebie - so I need to source some quality free coffee to seed the idea into the minds of customers that I am a coffee person - one way is to give away coffee - to every customer you have (whatever they purchase) I'm also thinking that the coffee I give away doesn't have to be the main type of coffee I plan to sell - eventually.

Example imagine I am selling my bits and pieces on eBay - each person that buys an item - could receive a couple sachets of coffee for free for being a customer - the coffee could be sourced from a wholesaler - freeze dried/instant sachets that a easy to post - along with an introduction to my RANGE of coffees you see ? - my range of coffee would include specialty coffees like ganocafe.

With the Ganobrand coffee is probably could be used as a freebie introduction itself.

This method could be used to existing or current customers on your database as new ones as they arrive.
Other news I've been in touch with my DXN upline again - asking more questions as he seems to know the process pretty well. I still need more questions answered before i feel confident enough to promote the range of goods -- I mean the products and brand are good, they do ganoderma toothpaste, shampoo, makeup and herbal rubs etc. - but I need images that I'm authorized to use - I will probably try and recruit about 5 local people in my town for us to group buy and distribute products

- Price in UK money and delivery times are still unknown, but I'm not giving up on the idea, as an alternative source of products that DXN is makes them interesting, DXN are virtually unknown in UK and how many people have you met in your life that would know what ganoderma is ? - When I found out it was a fungus (mushroom) the first thing I thought of was marmite (Vegemite in Australia) as that's made from yeast. then I thought of a tray of fresh, uncooked mushrooms waiting to be put in a vegetable soup. - both images are positive and "wholesome" - so when focusing on why I want to sell the products I focus on the positive associations, that way the selling isn't forced, you are just introducing a product you like.

Here is an example of an eBay listing I have on-line at the moment - I have set it up for 30 days - it cost 40p (about 75cents in USA money)like I say I might open an eBay shop again, I had one before, but I already have a Ning membership costing me $24.95 a month so maybe I should try and earn my rental fee back on that network before I spend out anymore!?

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