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Saturday, August 22, 2009

7 ways you could promote Ganobrand (or any other affiliate program)

Newbie Steps

1 - Add your affiliate link anywhere it is allowed.

Your affiliate URL is the key to the door - a potential customer visiting is tracked by the affiliate software (using cookies) and when a person buys from your link, or signs up to sell via your page you are given credit in the form of a commission for any sales you or they make.

Example: http://www.ganobrand.com/ilovecoffee is my affiliate URL.

There are thousands of places you can advertise for free on-line where you won't be accused of spamming. There are advertising networks, Classified advertising and social networks like my Ning Nomads that allow Blogverts and discussion about products and services - note I don't allow blatant spam or cashgifting - but I do allow members to advertise and share product knowledge.

Recruitment tools

I personally recommend using Dan weavers 3 Cash Machine System as it combines a bunch of the most popular traffic exchanges together with Global Domains International (where you can build a website and earn from referrals) and Yuwie - I've met some friendly people on Yuwie, the advertising is nuts on there - but if you can ignore that (like I can) there is a community of people waiting to chat and make connections.

Visit my Free Classifieds page for more places to advertise for free.

Note: I will be adding 3CM back on to my healthy coffee downline builder soon.

2. - Email Sigs

Add your Affiliate URL to your e-mail signatures - go into your e-mail options and you will find where to add a signature to your e-mail.


PS - Don't forget to visit my website:

3 - Add your Banners

Add banners, images and links to your blog (s) website(s) blogger and Jimdo offer free services where you can learn to make websites, blogs and share.

Example this one is aimed at recruiting affiliates:

Where as this one is aimed at people interested in buying the product:

These banners can also be put in banner exchanges - like this one ExchangeAd

4. - Write a Review or do a Video

Write a review or make a video explaining to others why you like the product - keep it real - don't feel you have to say you like it if you don't - for example not all coffees are the same, maybe you don't like coffee, try the gano tea or hot chocolate instead - endorse the product you like the flavor of and recommend the whole range of products as other options to be subtle.

I'm a bit naughty, I guess, in my youtube videos as if something tastes like 'ditch water' I say so - more or less - but that might not be the best way to get sponsorship/sales! - BUT I go on the theory that just because I do or don't like something doesn't mean others won't love it - it's a challenge - are you gonna love or hate a product as much as me?

5. - Write an Article - let it go viral

There are loads of places you can write an article and include your link at the bottom.

A service I use is Hubpages - you can add your adsense code (free from google) and earn that way from your articles.

6. Submit a press release:


7. Visit each of Zara's Coffee Venues...

....and add an informative classified advert, an article or just say hi - Network/invite friends that are already on the network and leave your twitter at address Example: @coffee2u so people can find you even without a website - you don't need to use sales copy or a website address to tell people what you do and how they can contact you. (note Kootaam for example don't allow adverts of any sort, but if a person privately contacts you via your profile for information you can help them further by chatting with them via messages.

Zara's Coffee Venues

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