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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tweaking my local coffee label and other things

Okay I've decided on the cup of coffee and a change of scene - I will probably add ZCV on the cup for "Zara's Coffee Venues" - I've used my local twitter account rather than a @coffee2u or @allthingscoffee (some of my other my other twitter accounts)because I chat with locals on the local one - coffee2u is more of an American one and allthingscoffee is the Zlio Store - I wish the Zlio people would allow us to link to some of our own offers - that's the main thing that bugs me about it so far - and the low commission rate of course! - I will see how it goes with Zlio - it's a nice product but no direct sales allowed limits it's use for me.

Here's my latest version of my label I'll be tweaking:

The gap on the left is extra space to add an address label/edition number - as I think I'll be numbering all as they might be a limited edition - not sure yet.

I am focused again on my blue print - so will be creating that private coffee club soon - where people will get priority for free samples of coffee to try and other perks I am dreaming up!.

If you are looking for a coffee substitute - I've seen this one that has a neat brand/style about it - I might see where I can get it wholesale - this really is herbal coffee - some of the blends have real coffee flavor minus the caffeine.

http://www.teeccino.com (Pronounced: tee-chee-no)

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